CBD vs CBN - What's The Difference?

What cannabinoids are in the cannabis/hemp plant?

Cannabinoids are compounds found within the cannabis/hemp plant, and there have been 113 recorded different cannabinoids found in cannabis (R). They interact with the human endocannabinoid system, which controls your sleep, pain, immune system response, and your appetite.

As well as CBD (cannabidiol), the cannabis/hemp plant actually contains a lot more cannabinoids. including THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), and CBN (cannabinol).

Today we're going to look at the differences between CBD and CBN.

CBN vs CBD - The Main Differences

  • CBN is typically found in older cannabis/hemp plants.
  • It's typically found in smaller quantities compared to CBD and THC.
  • It is also far less well known than CBD or THC.
  • CBN is formed when THC breaks down, and the plant becomes stale. Manufacturers can increase this process by exposing the plants to heat.
  • There are some suggestions that CBN may be a powerful sedative.
  • CBN may increase your appetitie.
  • There is far less research on CBN than CBD.
  • CBN isn't FDA approved to treat any condition in the USA, whereas CBD is for epilepsy and seizures caused by TSC.
  • There is no way to produce a "high CBN strain" of cannabis/hemp plants.
  • Neither CBD or CBN produce a high (unlike THC).

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