How Much CBD Should I Take?

The use of CBD products is growing in popularity in the mainstream market as a natural treatment for health conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, and acne. Due to this, it’s good to understand how to use it in a healthy way as part of your daily regime. With this in mind, we raise the question: “Can you overdose on CBD?“ Read below to learn more.

Overdosing simply means to take an excessive and dangerous dosage of something to a point where a person may be near a lethal limit or experience critical damage to their body. By this explanation, it is very unlikely that a person would overdose on cannabis or CBD products. While it is possible to use too much CBD over a period of time, there is an extremely low risk of overdosing when using CBD oil or other CBD products as it doesn’t affect the body in a way that can cause death.
At most, overusing CBD can cause some possible signs and symptoms that might be considered to be symptomatic of an overdose or bad reaction to CBD products. Typically, individuals that are not familiar with nutrient-dense foods and herbal medicine like CBD tend to experience signs such as dry mouth, vomiting, decreased appetite, low blood pressure, light-headedness, diarrhea, and increased liver enzyme with long term use. It’s suggested that you should always begin using CBD products with caution and portion control. Always begin a new CBD product with a low intake amount and start slow, especially if you are a new time user. This allows your body to slowly get used to the CBD in your system to give you maximum results and minimum side effects.
As a guideline, 30mg of CBD is recommended as a full daily dosage for a healthy adult. If you are looking to increase your intake to accelerate the results, you can go up to 50mg - but with caution and gradually. Furthermore, if you’re looking to increase your dosage anywhere between 50-70mg daily, CBD might not be the cost-effective option for you, unless you can’t get alternative treatment or products that give you the same health benefits.
See our simple CBD dosage chart below as a guideline for the average first-time user based on an individual’s weight. This chart is a beginner’s guide for someone that is looking to build up their own natural endocannabinoid system.


 There is no scientific evidence or research that suggests it is possible to overdose on CBD. Although using an excessive amount may cause some symptoms of discomfort, overdosing is very unlikely. Whether you’re a beginner or have tried CBD throughout the years, starting with slow and controlled amounts of CBD in your system is the best way to get your body use to new products in the system.

With so many products from CBD oil, creams, sweets, capsules, and sprays, we advise that you always read the label and follow the suggested dosage amount to make sure that you don’t experience any side effects and that you’re getting the most out of the health benefits to support stress, health conditions and relax your mood. 
Lastly, if you’ve been taking a CBD product for a while, always listen to your body’s response to the product and either decrease or increase the dosage in small amounts to adjust to your requirements.