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Difficulties with the CBD Industry

CBD has a lot of stigma attached to it, as it's associated with the illegal marijuana plant. This is miss-guided stigma, as the illegal aprt of marijuana is the THC, which produces the psychoactive effects, and this isn't present in large enough quantities in CBD to have any effect.

Therefore CBD can be considered to have the beneficial parts of the plant, with none of the illegal, psychoactive effects.

To be sure, you should search for "broad spectrum CBD", which contains 0% thc (always check the retailer for lab reports, to ensure it has been officially tested).

CBD Trends in the UK

CBD Adoption in the UK

CBD demand has remained fairly consistent in the UK since February 2018 (R):

cbd demand in the UK

CBD is now considered mainstream, as people are now reporting they're using CBD in the same number as the market size estimations suggest (R).

Recent surveys suggest that 9% of UK adults (approximately 6 million people) have now tried CBD (R).

In a 2020 poll, 71% of UK residents were aware of CBD products, with 16% of people having purchased 1 or more CBD products (R).

CBD Safety and Quality in the UK

In 2019, only 38% of CBD products tested in the UK were within 10% of their advertised CBD content, with 38% of products having less than 50% of the advertised amount of CBD, meaning UK consumers are getting short changed on the amount of CBD they purchase (R).

45% of tested products had measurable levels of THC or CBN, and so were actually illegal in the UK (R).

70% of UK consumers using CBD oil or capsules actually wanted to products to be sold at a higher dose (R).

Popular CBD Brands in the UK

Holland and Barrett has been the most well known brand to stock CBD since 2014, however it appears that after a peak in demand in February 2018, demand has been in decline, suggesting UK consumers are looking to more CBD specific brands instead (R):

holland and barrett cbd google trends

Popular Sub-Markets of CBD in the UK

CBD oil is by far the most popular type of CBD product, with 58% of the UK market share (R).

Despite the popularity of CBD oil, CBD vape has been rising in demand since 2015, reaching a peak in February 2019 (R):

CBD vape demand in the UK Google Trends

CBD Trends in the USA

Post-COVID Bounceback in CBD Demand

In the post-pandemic world, USA consumers have reached back for CBD, after a decline in demand over the COVID-19 restrictions. This has now surpassed the previous high point of May 2019 (R):

USA CBD demand over COVID-19 Google trends

States with Most Demand for CBD

The state with the greatest demand for CBD in the USA over the past 5 years is Vermont, followed by Colorado, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Oregon (R):











New Mexico














New Hampshire








North Carolina


USA Market Adoption

CBD is far more popular in the younger generations, with 15% of 25-29 yr olds having used CBD in the past 12 months, compared to 7% of 55-664 yr olds (R).

Females are more likely to use CBD, with 13% reporting use in the past 12 months, compared to only 9% of males (R).

Back in 2019, the USA CBD market grew 700% (R).

44% of CBD consumers spend on average between $20 and $80 per month on CBD products, with over 13% spending over $160 per month (R).

However 11% of consumers believe CBD is "just hype" so more marketing is needed to convince consumers of the legitimacy of CBD products (R).

42% of CBD users have chosen it over using traditional medications, with 60% of users taking it for anxiety (R).

CBD for pets is an increasing market, with an estimated $1.7 billion market value by 2025 (R).

CBD and Sport Stats

The use of CBD for athletes and for sports specific ailments has started to grow in popularity since 2017, with the most popular countries looking for this being the USA and UK (R):

cbd for sport and athletes google trends

This may also be linked to the increase in demand for CBD balms and creams (R):

cbd balm google trends